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Perspective of the World

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Bernhard Burgener Psychotherapy Services

The aim of the therapy applied by Bernhard Burgener and his clinical psychologists aim to assist patients in gaining an understanding of how their “perspective of the world” was developed. During the treatment, the history of the development and the causes of the problems are analyzed.

As a result, the clients of Bernhard Burgener are able to localize the triggering and sustaining conditions of your problems, and with the help of therapeutic techniques, you will be taught appropriate coping and solution strategies in order to overcome the localized problems efficiently and in the long term. It is the goal of Bernhard Burgener that by the end of the therapy process, you will be able to cope with your issues independently and without outside help.

Consultation Hours and Diagnosis

You can request a consultation by calling the Bernhard Burgener Clinic from Monday to Friday between 9.30 a.m. and 11.30 a.m.

During the consultation, it will be clarified whether you suffer from an illness or a problem that requires treatment. Various diagnostic methods are used for this. After completing this phase, you will receive written feedback in the form of a patient-specific report. In addition, Bernhard Burgener provides therapy recommendations on how to proceed.

If psychological treatment is recommended, you will be informed about the various procedures, forms of application and the process. If psychotherapy is not necessary, alternatives will be advised, and you will receive information about those.


The Bernhard Burgener Psychotherapeutic Clinic offers the following services:

Individual Therapy

In a one-on-one session, the Bernhard Burgener patients enjoy my full attention, which means that the patient’s process can be followed individually over a longer period of time, enabling me to tailor the process and methods to the specific patients. Biography work and clarification-oriented methods are an integral part of this therapy.

Group Therapy

Group therapy gives the individual patient the chance to understand his or her issues through the way that other patients deal with similar problems and how they work out solutions. The group sessions are mainly used to treat depression and anxiety.

Bernhard Burgener’s Psychotherapeutic Practice currently has groups that deal with treating depression, coping with anxiety, treating eating disorders and problem-solving groups. The aim of these groups is to develop explanatory models for the occurrence of the illnesses.

Couples Therapy and Counseling

Many couples go through one or more crises in their relationship. This is not surprising, and it is normal from a systemic point of view. Two different people with different behavioral patterns, experiences and desires tread a common path. More and more couples are looking for professional help via the Bernhard Burgener clinic in crisis situations.

The costs will be discussed and determined individually during the consultation.


When it comes to coaching, solutions are developed from a resource-oriented point of view in cooperation with the client. Many problems from everyday life can be dealt with here.

For example, problems at the workplace or personal changes. The aim is to enable the client to “help them to help themselves.”

Various tools are used to work out personality types, determine motivations and then cope with the problem.

The costs will be discussed and determined individually during the consultation.