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About Me

Licensed Psychologist and a Psychological Psychotherapist

Behavioral Psychologist Therapy

Dr. Bernhard Burgener

In January 2016, I fulfilled my dream and opened my long-awaited practice, the Bernhard Burgener Psychotherapeutic Practice, in Seattle, Washington, USA. I enjoy a constantly growing and developing range of activities in order to expand my treatment offers in the practice.

I am a licensed psychologist and a psychological psychotherapist with a certificate of expertise in behavioral therapy. Due to my background as a behavioral therapist, I especially work with a symptom-oriented approach.


I believe that the basis for therapeutic success is secured by establishing a profound, trusting and appreciative professional relationship. This is further supported by an open, transparent and appreciative attitude that I have acquired during my practice development.

I completed my psychology studies at the University of Washington in 2009 and thus received the title of psychologist.

Afterward, I continued my training around the United States before I got my M.A. in Behavior Analysis from Long Island University in 2013.

In my further career, I have gained extensive practical experience and thus had the chance to perfect my skills before I opened Bernhard Burgener’s Psychotherapeutic Practice.

My practice offers psychotherapy for adults. The therapy aims to alleviate psychological problems, activate your own resources and, as a result, find solutions. The therapy will enable you to deal with difficult situations in the long term.

In my work, I take a relational and emotion-focused approach. Therefore, I integrate different methods of cognitive behavior therapy, such as mindfulness-based methods and schema therapy.

I can also focus on an interactional conflict, such as conflicts or problems between couples or families. Depending on your needs, the therapy can start with and work around different topics. The decisive factor is when and in what context you were confronted with the problem that you are seeking help to overcome.

To make an appointment, you can call my office from Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. It should be noted that no open consultation hours can be offered. An agreement by telephone is required.

Do not hesitate to contact Bernhard Burgener’s Psychotherapeutic Practice if you have any questions about us or our therapy.

We respect your privacy, so we never share your info

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